Building brands with meaning to bring an emotional connection to your business.


Branding is about expressing a businesses personality & values by building a complete and consistent experience for customers that build a relationship.

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Logo Design & Identity Systems

We work together to create an honest, compelling & beautiful image to portray your brand. Supported by research and iterations, we explore many possibilities before finding an identity system solution for you.


Consistency will help make your brand powerful & well known. We make sure your brand stays this way by creating logo specifications and guidelines for typography, colour, image styles & so much more. 

Meaning anyone can use your brand assets correctly.


Through a series of exchanges and workshops, we will be able to work together to define your values & vision for your brand.

We can then design different tools & assets that will allow you to establish the right positioning for your brand.


We always start a project with research & inspiration. For this to work, it must be targeted & have a reason. We look at keywords, expressions, activity, challenges, competition, etc.

Then we create a general concept on a mood board. We can then decide when direction we would like to take with the brand!

Marketing Assets

Once you've established your brand identity, how do customers engage with you? We can help enhance your voice by interpreting your brand onto different mediums. We can help keep your brand looking consistent across all forms of media.

Motion Design

Turn your brand from being a static image to an animated experience for everyone. With motion design, you can now display complex ideas visually, make your logo animated on your website, create visually appealing stories for Instagram, etc.