Loop Station

Loop Station
Brand & Identity, UI/UX
Year: 2020

Loop Station – Playing beats on repeat

Loop Station is an innovative and easy-to-use music app designed for music lovers who enjoy listening to loop tracks. With Loop Station, you can access a vast library of loop tracks that you can listen to 24/7, giving you the ability to explore and enjoy a wide range of sounds and rhythms.

Whether you're looking to relax, focus, or simply enjoy some great music, Loop Station offers a powerful and intuitive platform that lets you listen to loop tracks with ease. With Loop Station, you'll have access to an endless variety of sounds and rhythms, allowing you to discover new tracks and enjoy your favorites anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge

Create an identity and UI that convey's the apps features and functionalities

This is for all of the music enthusiasts and professionals of all ages who enjoy creating or listening to loop tracks on their mobile devices. The app is designed for people who are passionate about music and want a versatile platform that allows them to explore and experiment with different sounds and rhythms.

Visual Identity

An identity to unleash your inner rhythm

The visual identity of Loop Statin music app is designed to evoke a sense of creativity, innovation, and energy. The brand's identity incorporates a bold and vibrant color scheme, modern typography, and a sleek design that creates a memorable and engaging user experience.

UI Design

Made to be simple, clear and familiar

The familiar design of Loop Statin's UI is intended to make users feel comfortable and confident when using the app. By incorporating familiar elements from other music apps, the design helps users quickly understand how the app works, making it easier to create and explore different loop tracks.

Brand Activation

Loop your life, get premium for free

To activate the Loop Station brand, we will organize a series of music workshops and masterclasses in major cities across the country. These workshops will be called "Loop Your Life" and will be designed to teach aspiring musicians and producers how to create their own unique loop tracks using the Loop Station app.

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