Radiant Skincare
Brand Identity, Packaging
Year: 2020

Radiant Skincare – Help make your skin glow

Radiant Skincare is a Melbourne organic beauty line, focussing on their use of natural ingredients & a bright vibe. Since they are to new to the game, they need to stand out against their large competitors.

They needed a versatile & responsive logo to work on a large range of products & digital.

The Challenge

Convey the brands natural and organic values in a crowded beauty market

As the beauty industry becomes increasingly crowded, Radiant Skincare recognizes the importance of standing out with a memorable and visually striking logo.

Visual Identity

An identity that exudes purity and natural beauty

The overall design is simple, yet elegant, which aligns with Radiant Skincare's philosophy of creating effective skincare products without unnecessary additives or harsh chemicals.


Every product needs to feel consistent

To maintain a cohesive brand image and reinforce its core values, Radiant Skincare's packaging needs to be consistent with its flower logo design. The packaging should feature the same muted earth tones and clean typography that are used in the logo, as well as other visual elements that complement the brand's aesthetic.

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