Strategy, Branding, Identity, User Interface, Web Design / Develop
Year: 2022

Spinaway – An on-demand laundry service app

Spinaway is an Australian on-demand laundry service app located in the heart of Sydney. Their mission is to make laundry easy for everyone & change how everyone does laundry by people connecting with others. With Spinaway your washing is picked-up, washed, dried, folded & delivered. It's that easy.

Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group.
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The Challenge

Build a brand ready to disrupt the way the world does laundry

The laundry landscape is changing. The way we do laundry has hardly changed since the industrial revolution, why isn't there a solution for laundry like there is for food delivery, going places or even walking the dog? Well now there is.

The Mascot

A personality to help guide you through the app process

Tumbles is playful and supportive, there's no better way to put it. They can show a vast range of emotions and poses. Tumbles is an expressive washing machine that can help communicate the product or Spinaway's marketing.

Visual Identity

A vibrant, illustrative identity system to help connect people

The 'Paloma' brand mark provides a constant visual reference to the companies brand mission of helping move forward ambitious ideas into unstoppable businesses. Due to it's design, the brand mark can be split into three sub brands for their 3 business units, Digital, Capital & Ventures. It's an evolved dovetail motif, "the bird never dies" It's still flying but also resembles a palm tree relating to the famous paloma cocktail & the good vibes associated with it.

UI Design

All it takes is a dancing washing machine to uplift your app.

How do you turn a mundane task into something enjoyable? We realised it was best to treat this like a game. Keep it bright, fun & enjoyable with animations, bright colours & rewards.

Brand Activation

Branding that covers all touchpoints

Since connection is at the core of Spinaway, Paloma made sure that a positive tone of voice along, our character Tumbles and an extensive art direction allowed for this brand to be deployed across every channel successfully.


Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Lee Corleison, Design Director: Rob Dennis
Design Team: Dillon Ramesh, Luke Summerhayes, Maisie McDonald

Brand, Identity & Direction: Luke Summerhayes, Rob Dennis
Product Design: Dillon Ramesh, UI Design: Dillon Ramesh, Luke Summerhayes
Web Design & Development: Luke Summerhayes, Rob Dennis
Animation/Motion Graphics: Luke Summerhayes, Maisie McDonald, Rob Dennis
Illustration: Rob Dennis

Extended Team: Alejandro Tunaroza, Daisy Cox, Daniel Gibson, Harry Luxton, Jojo Stewart, Nicole Wilcox, Nike Wakelin, Poppy Trewhella, Rafe Custance, Roy O'Connor, Sebastian Cox, Steph Schaffer, Sydney Crocker, Trish Trainor

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