Strategy, Brand & Identity, UX/UI, Web Design & Develop
Year: 2022

Authsignal – A suite of digital trust and safety tools

Authsignal is a modern digital services tool offering a suite of digital trust & safety tools which provide safer user experiences for their customers. Offering features like passwordless step up authentication, rules & dashboards.

Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group.
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The Challenge

Empower businesses to protect user accounts by enabling security features.

The idea for Authsignal was born from the founder Justin Soong's frustrations as a CTO & Developer implementing security features. Current solutions are complicated, time consuming, and expensive. If implemented incorrectly, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Visual Identity

A calming identity that gives a sense of trust and innovation.

Authsignal's visual identity sits across all three touchpoints. The core brand values are trust & innovation. Soft gradients calm users throughout what can be a very stressful process. A cohesive yet flexible design system provides consistency across the user experience.

The Product

The powerhouse operating behind the security scenes

Developers can configure and customise security features. To do this requires no code and authsignal offers extensive documentation to guide them. The white label MFA experience is less opinionated but it allows businesses to add their own logo & colours to feel consistent.

Brand Activation

Explorative, collaborative and people focussed.

A beautiful and highly user-friendly experience that is different to anything currently available on the market. We can prevent fraud before it even happens.


Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Lee Corleison, Design Director: Tyree Gunn
Design Team: Luke Summerhayes, Rob Dennis

Brand, Identity & Direction: Lee Corleison, Luke Summerhayes
Product Design: Tyree Gunn, Product Design Assist: Luke Summerhayes
Web Design: Luke Suimmerhayes, Rob Dennis, Tyree Gunn
Web Development: Garyun Young, Johanna Stokes
Animation/Motion Graphics: Luke Summerhayes
Illustrations / Graphics: Luke Summerhayes, Rob Dennis

Authsignal Team: Justin Soong, Chris Fisher, Hamish Meikle


Best Awards - Digital Products
1x Silver Award
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