Branding Is A Story

Every legendary brand starts with a story.

Luke Summerhayes

Saturday, September 25, 2021

If you don't know the story and haven't spent the time thinking about sharing it with the world,

you don't understand your own business yet.

Customers are humans.

Marketing will bring some customers/users to the product or service you offer,

but marketing won't keep them there.

We thrive off emotional connections, so we need to build a strong bond.

Good branding will keep them coming back.

When a company is transparent and sticks to the core values,

people will turn their products/services into a lifestyle.

But how do you do that without an interesting story?

How will you focus on marketing?

By developing a story that includes your core values,

individuality & personal style of your brand that will show everyone you know who you are, and who they are.

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