Brand Identity, Activation
Year: 2022

Chips – Raising money from your local community.

With the Chips platform, you can raise money from your local community and Chips network of investors. Creating the easiest way for founders and investors to connect. You choose the terms of the raise, the investors will recieve a financial return.

Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group.
(Sadly a discontinued project)
Credits / Press

The Challenge

Build an identity that connects businesses to their locals.

Ever wanted to grow your business but lacked the funds? Were the big banks & other lenders saying no? Chips was meant to connect you to your local communities and help you raise funds.

Visual Identity

An identity that feels confident, secure yet approachable.

Since Chips is an investment platform targetting local communities and small businesses, we needed to make the brand feel trustworthy & friendly. This was achieved by using familar shapes, vibrant colours & human-focussed photography.

Brand Activation

Making sure the brand is consistent across all touchpoints.

Paloma developed art & creative direction to make it easy to understand the vision for creating additional assets such as social media, websites, photography, motion direction or even branded apparel. We delivered detailed guidelines to implement a design language across every channel.


Produced in 2022 at Paloma Group, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Lee Corleison, Design Director: Aman Braich
Design Team: Luke Summerhayes, Bella Hemming

Brand, Identity & Direction: Lee Corleison, Luke Summerhayes
Web Design & Development: Aman Braich, Bella Hemming

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