Omni Podcasts

Omni Podcasts
Branding & Identity, UI/UX
Year: 2023

Omni Podcasts – Connect with your favourite podcasts on one platform

Omni is a podcast listening app that connects people with their favorite podcasts from around the world. The app offers a seamless and personalized listening experience, allowing users to discover new podcasts, save episodes, and create playlists.

The Challenge

Connect with your world of podcasts

The challenge for the Omni app is to stand out in an increasingly crowded podcast listening app market. With so many options available to consumers, it can be difficult to differentiate the Omni app from its competitors.

Additionally, the app must find a way to appeal to both casual podcast listeners and more dedicated fans, while also maintaining a strong sense of community and engagement among its users.

Visual Identity

An identity to help discover your next favourite podcast

Omni's logo provides a constant visual reference to the brand strategy of connecting users with their world of podcasts, amplifying the power of audio storytelling and creating a global community of podcast listeners.

Just as sound waves can travel great distances, transcending borders and language barriers, the Omni app empowers users to explore and discover new perspectives and voices from around the world.

UI Design

Listen to your world,
your way.

The UI design for Omni is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate, with a focus on enhancing the user's podcast listening experience. The layout is organized and uncluttered, allowing users to quickly find and access their favorite shows, search for new podcasts, and discover personalized recommendations based on their listening habits.


Discover your voice,
share your story.

Omni is designed to inspire and engage podcast listeners around the world, creating a sense of community and connection that extends beyond the app itself. The activation centers around the power of storytelling and the role that podcasts can play in amplifying diverse perspectives and voices.

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