5 Unique Web Design Trends for 2021

Check out these 5 web design trends for 2021 that will change how we design & improve the way people experience your websites.

Luke Summerhayes

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

1. Retro Fonts

Retro fonts have experienced a resurgence and became pretty sick again.

A stylized & reimagination of old vintage/retro fonts has come back. Gone are the days of seeing the same fonts over & over again.

2. 3D Models

With the constant growth of technology & higher resolutions introduced every day, 3D design has come a long way and can look pretty realistic these days. 

3D visuals can take a bland page & turn it into an experience for users. With the combination of animation (such as Lottie) & scroll effects, websites can now offer more than a place for text or images.

3. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scroll effects have been a massive trend in the last few years and are becoming less intrusive & subtle as people become more accustomed.

However too much can be harmful to some users, due to the illusion of depth & movement, so it's best to keep it subtle & don't let it distract from important information or make it harder for users to complete tasks.

4. Horizontal Scrolling

Designers are continuously experimenting with different ways to display information on websites, and horizontal scroll is a practical & unique way to achieve just this.

It is a great way to showcase secondary information or display an image gallery without taking too much "vertical" space. 

5. Custom Cursors

Cursors are usually an overlooked & unnecessary part of web design because most are content with the usual white arrow.

But when a designer can turn this into something cool, it can help benefit your brand/website and make something small into an experience.

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