8 Practical Logo Design Tips

Find out about these 8 tips before you hire your next designer for a logo! 

Luke Summerhayes

Friday, August 20, 2021

1. Think Clearly

The average person will probably only glance at your logo for only a couple of seconds

So clarity is essential, especially when your brand is only starting.

A "beautiful" hand-written logo may be hard to read straight away,

or a realistic drawing of your dog for your grooming business may be hard to remember immediately.

If that's the case, don't use it.

2. A Logo Doesn't Need To Show What The Company Does

The Nike logo isn't an athlete. The Aston Martin logo isn't a car.

Technology companies don't need to show computers & coffee shops don't need to show coffee beans.

It may be relevant to your business, but does that make you stand out from the rest?

A logo only needs to be simple & easy to remember.

3. Remember One Thing

All logos that are considered memorable have one feature that helps them shine above the rest.

Apple has the bite, McDonald's has a big Yellow M & Amazon has a smile.

When you get your next logo draft, what was the one thing you remembered about it?

4. Stay Away From Trends

Trends come and go, but you want a logo that'll be considered timeless.

Your brand identity should be able to work back in the 1800s & still work in the 2400s.

Don't be a sheep, Become the wolf. Stand out.

5. Keep It Relevant

Are you working with kids? Don't make it serious.

An accountant? Get rid of the fun & playful style.

There are appropriate design styles for different businesses,

Nobody wants to buy juice from a place that looks like it grooms dogs.

6. See it in Black & White

No amount of colour can fix a bad logo mark.

Although it can distract you when making decisions.

Always ask to see a version of your logo in black & white.

Doing this will allow you to know if you love or hate your logo.

Focus on colours at the end of the process.

A good logo will look good in any colour.

7. Preserve Brand Equity

When you hire a designer for a brand identity, usually it will come with a style guide.

It's up to you to follow that guide for the future. (If you don't get one, I'd ask for one.)

A style guide ensures that anyone in your company will keep everything looking the way it should.

Consistency builds trust. Trust builds growth.

8. Responsive Logos

With constantly new screen sizes & places to advertise, logos are no longer "one size fits all."

Responsive logos have transitioned from a trend to a necessity.

When hiring a designer, you should ask to receive at least four different variations of your logo.

Your "master" logo should contain all the information you want to communicate within your logo.

As your logo is scaled down, there should be less detail.

Responsive logos are only successful if they can become simple whilst staying consistent.

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