Finding The Right Designer

How do you determine the right designer for you? You see some designers charging between $5 and $100,000+ for brand identity. Where do you fit in this?

by Luke Summerhayes

Thursday, August 26, 2021

So you've decided to start a business & looking for a logo, or decided to update your brand.

Firstly I have some questions for you to answer! 

1. Why do you need a logo?

2. What problem is this logo going to solve?

3. How will you measure your success?

4. Where will this logo be used?

5. How many variations will you need?

These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before budget even comes to mind.

When searching for a designer, you will find agencies, studios, online sites & individuals, so how do you know who will fit your business before beginning?

You need to find a designer that will bring added value to your business, have a portfolio that speaks to you & can talk confidently about the problems they can help solve.

More Value = More Dollars.

Let's say you've found a designer. You love them.

They are going to help attract your preferred customers,

Help fulfil all your business goals.

How much is this going to set you back?

It depends.

Designers will price themselves based on experience, what industry they specialise in & what they believe they're worth.

You could pay $2,000 up to $100,000+ for a brand identity.

If you're looking online at freelancer sites like Fiverr or a logo generator like your mate Steve suggested. Usually, you'll be looking at a reasonably low price, as they will usually give you a logo that may or may not fit your overall goals.

It's best to look on designer sites such as Behance & Dribbble or even use Instagram to find someone you like. You can also search google terms like "brand identity designer" in your industry to find the right person who specialises in what you do.

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